Mrs. Georgia Provost CEO of Provost and Associates has more than 50 years of experience as a business owner and leader in the Houston community.  She has garnered numerous awards, including five “Business Woman of the Year” and six “Youth Leadership” awards.  

For over 25 years, she has been a member of the dynamic fundraising team of Helfman and Provost.  As a photojournalist, Georgia Provost has developed a unique watchdog perspective and an investigative skill set which has allowed her to be very effective in getting results with numerous community organizations and causes.  She is known among leaders nationally and in political circles for her contributions to worthy causes and civil rights.

Georgia Provost, aka Miss "P" is a graduate of Texas Southern University.  She has completed advanced studies from the University of Houston and the Winona National School of Professional Photography. The archives of Mrs. Provost company contain unique photographs and portraits that chronicle more than sixty five years of the rich culture and history of Houston, Texas, Louisiana and all parts of the south.  Her photography/public relations business and school related youth volunteer activities has directly impacted the lives of more than 100,000 graduates from Houston area schools and colleges across the United States.

Georgia Provost is a member of Our Mother of Mercy Parish and serves as the Coordinator of the Civil Rights Class; Executive Director of the TSU Bayou Bend Alumni/Ex-Students Association, Inc.; The T.F. Freeman Ministers/Laity Summit; and The Black Texans Council for Higher Education. Provost is a leader with the Texas Metropolitan Organization (TMO).  Miss "P" or mother as she is affectionately known by the youth of Houston and Harris County  is a community volunteer whose philanthropic pursuits have always included promoting education, caring for and mentoring our young people. 

 It is evident that Georgia Provost lives her philosophy of life; “Faith combined with hard work equals success, while doing all things with love.”  

Goergia is the widow of the late Herbert Provost and the mother of Jerome, also a photographer and photojournalist. 

Political advertisement paid for by Georgia Provost Campaign, Alan Helfman Treasurer

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